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Our Services

PPM International provides tailored services to foreign trade merchants and businesses. We are looking for potential clients for our product portfolio and manage business relationships on their behalf. The needs of such businesses, as well as the main markets for importing or exporting goods, are evaluated on a regular basis. We create the most sustainable trade strategy for our customers, their products, volumes, and specific certifications.

Our Core Values

We demonstrate Loyalty, honesty, and authenticity in our services. By keeping our operations transparent and ensuring the safe transportation of your goods, we serve our purpose


Our operations are governed by apex laws such as APEDA and Mpeda (as in the case of agricultural & marine products respectively), which further ensures product consistency from supplier to acquirer

More than a run-of-the-mill Company

As PPM International, a subsidiary of the PPM United group of companies headquartered in Mumbai, India, we are proud to serve thousands of international businessmen & trade merchants in making their business operations easier & expanding their business by assisting
them import & export support. A plethora of industrial, agricultural, marine & other categories of products are included within our purview of business.

As An Importer

Our Role

As importers, we assist companies in growing and expanding their operations in foreign markets.

By striving to match the expected prices, quality, volume, and innovation based on the needs of our global customers.

Clients can assess business risk and potential returns from that region's economic system.

We connect suppliers in the area of interest and carefully evaluate them based on dependability, quality, and service expectations. The key to our success is finding the right partner.

We share as much information as possible with our target customers.

We work to match the expected prices, quality, volume and innovation based on the demands of our customers throughout the world.

Production progress is monitored for providers and prototypes/new models/collections.

As An Exporter

As exporters, we offer first-rate export services to businesses all over the world.

Our understanding of foreign markets and the corresponding product demands enables our customers to identify the most appealing export products in any market of interest.

We select the most appealing export products with the assistance of our external partners.

We are committed to standing by our customers on a regular basis, maximizing investment returns, and defining the strategic positioning of our products on the international market.

We plan international missions, shipments, special events, local representatives, and fair attendance.

Partner with us

Indigenous or international, you are welcome with open arms. We work with trade merchant or an association of merchants, business companies, partnerships, etc. interested in dealing in products outside India