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About Us

PPM International, an establishment of the PPM United group of companies, headquartered in Mumbai, India, is aimed at easing business operations for companies by providing them assistance with physical exchange of goods across the world. We are not just a routine export-import business venture – we facilitate exchange of business culture with utmost faithfulness. Our services are backed by loyalty, honesty & authenticity. We keep our operations transparent & ensure safe commuting of your goods no matter what the odds are.

Our operations are monitored by apex laws, like APEDA & Mpeda which ensure consistency of products from supplier to acquirer. We are more than just business – we operate with a view to fill the need of resources of one country by actively cooperating with countries who have such sources in abundance & transporting them to the former country.

Our Mission

Provide customers with integrated business solutions to ensure lasting profitability.

Concentrate on being the leading exporter of engineering products and projects.

Its membership includes three top trading companies, including industrial raw materials and commodities.

Serve as an effective and responsible public policy instrument and be socially responsible.

Exporting specially from small and medium-sized enterprises of engineered projects and equipment.

International trade in products such as farm products, industrial raw materials, chemicals and much more.

Whom Do We Assist?

You’re Not Alone. And We’re Here to Help!

We choose a plethora of products produced by indigenous & international businesses to meet our customers’ needs for personalization.Our products – from food and drinks, industrial & engineering products like Iron & steel, wellness, entertainment, exquisite textiles, fit our customers identity.Each product is the result of an excellent deal based on quality and reliability demonstrated by suppliers.